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Strawberry Protein Energy Balls

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INGREDIENTS (makes 15)
♡ 1 scoop Solo Strawberry
♡ 170g frozen strawberries
♡ 170g gluten free oats
♡ 85g chia seeds
♡ 60g gluten free flour
♡ 2 tbsp coconut oil
♡ 4 tbsp vegan honey
♡ Desiccated coconut
♡ Chocolate sauce
♡ Dried strawberry pieces

1. Place the dry ingredients in a food processor and blend until it forms a fine flour-like powder.
2. Add in the frozen berries, honey and coconut oil and blitz until well combined. You'll need to be patient as this could take up to 5 mins. If too crumbly add in some more honey to bind.
4. Use a teaspoon to scoop balls into roughly similar sizes.
5. Roll the balls in desiccated coconut and drizzle in chocolate sauce, then refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight.
6. Sprinkle with dried strawberry pieces, serve and enjoy!

Recipe by @glutenfree_frankie