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Here at Solo® we know variety keeps things interesting, so we have rustled up some recipes for you to mix things up.

You may want to play around with quantities and measurements to get them just right for you, but it's a starting point to get creative with your Solo whole nutrition. Just a reminder that adding different ingredients to your Solo will change your nutritional balance.

Smoothie Shakes

Wake Me Up Solo Shake

Banana Nut Solo Smoothie

Solo Zesty Fruit Shake

Solo Banana Ice Smoothie

Cinnamon Slush

Sweet Solo 

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies

Solo Power Waffles

Mini Iced Doughnuts


Potential effects of Solo when heated

Solo under certain temperatures can have an influence on it’s composition, this affects mainly protein structure. This changes upon heating at elevated temperatures causing coagulation due to kinetic energy (movement) of protein molecules to rise and begin to denature. However, do not worry as this does not affect the amount of bio-available protein in the product. Fat oxidation (breakdown) has been shown to occur but is far less likely in flaxseed and carbohydrates remain unchanged. There is a possibility some of the more labile micro-nutrients will be lost when using boiling water (e.g. potassium, vitamin C, some B vitamins) because these water soluble micro-nutrients may partly leach into the water and be lost in evaporation. So as long as you’re not cooking Solo with boiling water will nutritional content will remain unchanged.