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Tracy Kiss Solo Testimonial"Getting my all in one vegan nutrition on with Solo® this little beauty contains 100% of recommended daily levels of protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and fibre in a simple shake mixed with water" Tracy Kiss - Vegan, Personal Trainer and TV Personality.





"I've been enjoying it with almond milk and blueberries. It mainly consists of gluten-free oats, pea protein isolate, coconut flour, rice protein, flaxseed powder and a blend of vitamins and minerals. Although it's originally meant as meal replacement, I prefer to have it to refuel after workouts (and still eat all my meals). I got the unflavored, which is the most natural, and I find it tastes great the way I've been preparing it (so no need for sweeteners). Might also blend a banana in next time. If you're looking for a nutritionally balanced mix, check these guys out." Celine - Plant-based enthusiast.

"I've found my answer to quick and easy, healthy meal times. Working outdoors, I often find I have little or no time to eat while working. Solo provides a hassle free meal that I can just simply add water to no matter where I am. The serving size suggested keeps me full and my energy levels don't take a hit; I feel better than I have in ages" Joe - Landscape Gardener



"After thoroughly researching different brands I eventually came across Solo and straight away it seemed like the perfect fit for me. With the product being dairy and gluten free, it meets my requirements to the T (as I have IBS and I’m newly vegan). All of the ingredients used I could not be more content with, I feel very confident knowing that I am getting wholesome nutrients into my body. Consuming this product is exactly like going into a wholefoods store, buying the products individually and putting them into a blender. That’s how fresh this product tastes and makes me feel." This Vegan Can

"Solo is great for keeping me on track with what i'm consuming and not heading for snacks in between meals. I have a 75g serving blended with a banana, almond milk and a touch of vanilla essence - perfect for my hectic life and weight loss goals. It's also allergen free, so any bloating issues i've experienced with other brands just doesn't happen with Solo!" Kim

Solo review"Solo helped me get out of a very unhealthy food rut.
As an army wife & mum of 2 I'm always on the go and very busy, I would eat cake for breakfast (I made sure the kids ate well) but nights were the worst as I'd comfort eat cheesy chips dripping with oil followed by cake and a tub of cream.
I then found solo, I honestly thought I'd be starving and I'm still amazed now how full it makes me. It's refreshing to push junk food to the back of my mind, not because I'm not allowed it, but I don't crave it - my body is getting more vitamins than I've had in years! Weight is slowly coming off and whilst I'm not using solo as a full meal replacement I'm grabbing it on the go when I'm in a rush with the kids!" Kelly